A Look at the Illinois Budget Mess

The state of Illinois has had trouble over the last several months, when it comes to developing the statewide budget. It has been six months since the state has gone without a completed budget, causing several problems for residents of the state. Many state funded programs have no money to help individuals who rely on … [Read more…]

Illinois Budget Deal Unlikely Before 2016

The state of Illinois hasn’t set a budget in over the past five months, which means a lot of delays for different state funded organizations. State assisted childcare has caused several low income families a missed opportunity for discounted services. Those who receive child support, taken out and dispersed through the state, are seeing a … [Read more…]

Illinois Lottery Suspends Payouts

As Illinois continues to struggle without a budget or a viable plan for one, lucky lottery winners that won more than $25,000 since July 1st have not been feeling so lucky. They’ll get an IOU from the State of Illinois, instead of their winnings. Illinois state law requires winnings over $25,000 to be paid via … [Read more…]

Illinois Lottery Sued For Not Paying Winnings That Are Due to the State

View image | gettyimages.com Two Illinois lottery winners weren’t paid their winnings due to the state budget impasse, and they are not happy. The winners are now suing the Illinois lottery in a federal lawsuit. The winners, along with other angry Illinois lottery-players, are angry that the Illinois lottery is continuing to sell tickets, despite … [Read more…]

Emanuel Proposes Chicago’s Largest Tax Hike Ever

View image | gettyimages.com Chicago residents prepare for a day of reckoning. After years of delayed pension contributions, budget shortfalls, and structural deficits, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing a $500 million property tax increase. The added levy will cost a typical owner of a home appraised at a value $250,000 around $500 more per year. … [Read more…]

Does Rauner Need to Raise Taxes? Hell Yes!

Illinois is in a bad place. Things are so bad that lottery winners are getting paid with IOU’s. Isn’t the point of the lottery that everyone puts money in a pool for a chance at winning a portion of the pool? Where is that money and what on earth is going on in Illinois? Illinois … [Read more…]