Illinois Lottery Suspends Payouts

As Illinois continues to struggle without a budget or a viable plan for one, lucky lottery winners that won more than $25,000 since July 1st have not been feeling so lucky. They’ll get an IOU from the State of Illinois, instead of their winnings. Illinois state law requires winnings over $25,000 to be paid via … [Read more…]

Illinois Lottery Sued For Not Paying Winnings That Are Due to the State

View image | Two Illinois lottery winners weren’t paid their winnings due to the state budget impasse, and they are not happy. The winners are now suing the Illinois lottery in a federal lawsuit. The winners, along with other angry Illinois lottery-players, are angry that the Illinois lottery is continuing to sell tickets, despite … [Read more…]

Emanuel Proposes Chicago’s Largest Tax Hike Ever

View image | Chicago residents prepare for a day of reckoning. After years of delayed pension contributions, budget shortfalls, and structural deficits, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing a $500 million property tax increase. The added levy will cost a typical owner of a home appraised at a value $250,000 around $500 more per year. … [Read more…]

Does Rauner Need to Raise Taxes? Hell Yes!

Illinois is in a bad place. Things are so bad that lottery winners are getting paid with IOU’s. Isn’t the point of the lottery that everyone puts money in a pool for a chance at winning a portion of the pool? Where is that money and what on earth is going on in Illinois? Illinois … [Read more…]